Social partnerships

Air France-KLM support several social, humanitarian and nature conservation projects:


Air France Corporate Foundation and Air France Humanitarian Aid Department

Air France works to help disadvantaged children through its Corporate Foundation. Since its inception in 1992, the Foundation has facilitated the realization of 1,417 projects, mostly sponsored by Air France employees. In 2018, the Foundation supported 76 projects worldwide: 63 projects for children in difficulty and 13 projects for sick children.

In 2018, Air France Humanitarian Aid Department supported 35 NGOs helping children in need of medical care, and issued 406 tickets for medical teams and for the repatriation of sick children. Excess baggage fees were waived for more than 74 NGOs transporting medical equipment and for health emergencies.


Acting for Life

For over 40 years, the airline has partnered with the Acting for Life NGO which operates in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Oceania, through economic and regional development programs, support for small livestock and arable farmers and vocational training and integration for the most disadvantaged populations. In France, Acting for Life is recognized as public utility. In 2018, it has supported 38 projects worldwide.

Aviation Without Borders


Air France and KLM support the French Aviation Sans Frontières and the Dutch Aviation Without Borders.

This emergency aid organization carries out air transport missions, transports cargo shipments with medical supplies to remote areas and arranges transport for sick children who are accompanied by Air France and KLM volunteers. In 2018, 1,400 sick and recovered children were carried on Air France flights and 8,500 packages of medicines and smaller medical equipment were shipped to 26 destinations by Air France.


Gawad Kalinga

Since 2015, when a partnership was created through the involvement of local teams, Air France-KLM expanded its longstanding partnership with Gawad Kalinga by signing the first Air France-KLM corporate partnership with this NGO and offering Flying Blue members to give miles to GK. Air France-KLM shares GK’s innovative vision in the fight to eradicate poverty.

Wings of Support

KLM and Wings of Support have an official cooperative agreement. The foundation started in 1998 and is an independent organisation run by around 90 KLM volunteers. The charity’s aim is to help children in countries KLM flies to by increasing access to education, shelter and healthcare. The foundation strives to involve local populations in its activities.

Humanitarian crisis
In case of (environmental) disasters, Air France and KLM Cargo contribute where possible to deliver emergency items.


Both Air France and KLM encourage employees’ initiatives in social projects and volunteering. In January 2018, a first Air France’s Citizen Solidarity Day took place, involving 1,000 employees who volunteered to assist 43 aid associations in 10 regions, working in areas ranging from childcare, environment, disability, inter-generational sharing and education to fight against poverty. This initiative was renewed in 2019.


Within the “Friends of Air France Foundation”, more than 3,200 employees are involved in various voluntary, childhood-focused projects. Their involvement can take different forms, from volunteer work to skill-sharing or donations.

The Wings of Support foundation supports local projects in KLM destinations. Both KLM flight crew and ground staff are actively involved in the work of the foundation. In 2018, the foundation supported 85 projects in 10 different countries. In 2018, 117 teams of KLM colleagues participated in the running contest “Dam tot Damloop” to raise funds for a Wings of Support project: 18.000 euros were raised.

International locations also organized worldwide Citizen Days, supporting employees who want to join non-profit social and environmental organizations during their working time. For example, clean-ups were organized with the aim of contributing to the preservation of environment. One such initiative was organized in Switzerland, and another one in Gabon, in partnership with the National Agency of National Parks of Gabon.



We are committed to engaging our customers in our sustainability approach.

Air France:

  • The Air France inflight magazine devotes a monthly article to a project supported by the Air France Foundation and Acting for Life.
  • Air France informs passengers about the damage caused by child sex tourism by financing and broadcasting ECPAT France’s prevention campaign, and by providing support to 18 other ECPAT projects for child protection around the world.

  • The Trip and Tree program, initiated in 2018 and gradually developed in 2019, allows customers who purchase an Air France ticket to reduce the environmental impact of their trip with a donation to support different worldwide tree planting projects.


  • In the “KLM Takes Care” pages of its monthly magazine, the Holland Herald, KLM focuses on various sustainability initiatives and highlights the work of its partners.
  • KLM’s CO2ZERO program enables passengers to compensate the CO2 emissions of their flight by investing in Gold Standard certified projects such as the CO2OL Tropical Mix reforestation project in Panama.

Air France-KLM Flying Blue passengers can support NGO projects by donating Flying Blue Miles. This year, 85 million miles were donated by Flying Blue members, worth 3,552 tickets.