Innovating and involving employees

Our employees are encouraged to contribute to the Group strategy by putting forward ideas and suggestions. Getting teams involved in the planning and implementation of various projects is envisaged as a long-term approach, which testifies to our ambition to bring about deep changes in the way we work.


The Air France Employee Experience initiative

Numerous actions were pursued in 2018. Here are some examples:

  • Within the framework of the #Motivation undertaking, Air France encouraged the development of community culture within the teams by gradually transforming working and common spaces, proposing new digital tools and developing mobile applications that facilitate access to online training. Employees increasingly acted on their own initiative by developing their own ideas and projects. A feedback culture was also developed with “short feedback loops” between managers and their teams.
  • #TeamSpirit was reflected in the creation of Digital Champions network, employees who can provide support for their colleagues in the company’s digital transformation.
  • In January 2018, the #SocialResponsibility commitment was achieved with the first Citizen Solidarity Day organized by Air France. For one day, during their working time, 1,000 employees were able to join forces with different associations. For the second edition in March 2019 2,000 employees could choose to take part in one of 86 assignments set up jointly with 60 partner associations working in the following fields: supporting children in need, education, training, employment, disability and health, fight against insecurity, environment and inter-generational sharing. This initiative provides 14,000 hours of volunteer work.

Winning Way of Working (WWoW) at KLM  

KLM seeks to create an optimal working climate, enabling the company to:

  • strengthen communication on KLM purpose, the KLM Compass and the Customer Experience
  • help employees reach their full individual potential and that of their teams
  • attract, develop and retain the right talents
  • position innovation at the heart of KLM’s activity
  • optimize the use of facilities and resources

The Winning Way of Working is the way in which KLM facilitates employees to contribute to the company’s ambition of becoming the most customer-centric, innovative and efficient European network carrier. KLM believes it is important to be able to get the best out of ourselves every day.

The KLM vision is explained in the WWoW Design Guide. In 2017, KLM developed this concept and created the Design Guide 2.0. In 2018, KLM updated the Design Guide to version 2.1 which gives insight in the experiences gathered up to now. 3 integral principles stand out:

  • a healthy, safe and inspiring working environment
  • presence of supportive services (HR, IT, facilities)
  • creation of an optimal work climate for employees (in line with the KLM Compass): a one in which employees feel appreciated, encouraged and empowered to perform optimally.

KLM is also working on developing a toolkit that would enable the introduction of standardized approach that both foresees and defines all the processes used. 

In 2018, KLM started to renovate several KLM buildings according to the Guide of the WWoW concept: two buildings (Ground Services at Schiphol- Center and Component Services at Schiphol- East) are in development.

This is the Winning Way of Working: a KLM working environment and climate with which we want to touch the hearts of employees and customers!



We are developing collaborative and innovative projects that allow employees to work together across sectors.


Caring attitude

Improving communication and interpersonal relations among staff is imperative, as the quality of service for the end-customers depends on the quality of relations “backstage”. The caring attitude comes from a core Air France brand value. The idea is to simultaneously be attentive and caring, creating value for the company and the customer in everything we do, and being truly proud of the business.

Employee training programs continue to be implemented to develop teams’ skills on the Five Attitudes of the Service which define the company: “To personalize, To add value, To pay attention, To have a sense of detail, and To dare”.

  • 253 managerial cabin crew benefited from a day of training on coaching management style.
  • A new leadership development training was designed and deployed for 3,600 cabin crew managers. Its goal is to develop team spirit, to identify the levers of motivation for managers and their teams, and to encourage individual initiative.
  • 600 hub managers attended the training courses which were already implemented in 2017 for crew members and direct sales managers, to give new impetus to the caring attitude. The goal was to get to know each other better as managers and to find their own ways to integrate and apply the caring attitude within their teams.
  • A digital learning platform dedicated to customer culture has been made available to all employees. This platform allows everyone to access content so as to make sense of the approach, develop skills, prompt the caring attitude and get inspired.

“Empowerment” budgets were extended to support initiatives taken for customers – a true change in commitment for employees and a pleasant experience for customers.

Cabin crews now have at their disposal a range of gifts (developed with the Air France Foundation) which can help them connect with the customer in a special way, when the situation presents itself. After the flight, they can also access a platform allowing them to choose and send a gift to the customer’s home address.

For ground staff, the possibilities of offering commercial services, have been automated on their digital tablets, to encourage and support their proactivity.

The symmetry of attention is at the heart of the caring attitude approach. To accompany the action plan around the employee experience, managerial seminars were organized with the Cargo and the France commercial division to co-build managerial rituals that would strengthen the in-house caring attitude.


The Group has a number of different channels for in-house communication of CSR information:

  • The Air France-KLM Yammer platform, where “Air France Takes Care” and “CSR at KLM” groups were created to encourage employee communication and interaction. The shared information and discussion forums are open to all employees.
  • The KLM CEO Mailbox, where employees can suggest innovative ideas.
  • “Les Managers Cafés” at Air France: more than 40 internal conferences were organized in 2018, whose subjects addressed current CSR themes such as innovation, new management, circular economy, and sustainable tourism.

  • Meetings on various CSR themes regularly organized at Air France and KLM, notably during Sustainable Development Week.
  • Internal forums on the subject of environment.

Awareness-raising initiatives for employees are taken through in-house surveys, gathering employees’ impressions and suggestions.

In February 2017, the materiality questionnaire was sent to a panel of 20,000 Air France and KLM employees (managers and non-managers) and the Group stakeholders, with a 13.7% response rate. In 2019, the Group will conduct a new materiality analysis.


Air France and KLM encourage employee involvement in progress and innovation initiatives.

DIP at Air France

Developing Innovation Program (DIP) at Air France is a system allowing everyone to introduce changes to the company. The program has existed for 25 years. Any staff member can suggest an innovation or an idea on how to improve a process in their area of activity and become an agent of innovation. The DIP program continues to develop, with the aim of covering 100% of the company, thus contributing positively to the company’s performance. The best ideas by category are awarded each year.


The many ideas proposed in 2018 reflect the Group’s strategic priorities:

  • The top three topics (with most proposed ideas) are: quality management, customer satisfaction and simplification.
  • Ideas about occupational health and safety (4th topic with the most ideas) are crucial for risk prevention purposes.

In 2018, a project introducing major change in participatory innovation approach was initiated with the implementation of the “New DIP” support tool.

  • Tested at the end of 2018 with excellent results, New DIP will be launched throughout the company in 2019. This tool is intended to be simpler, more practical and more effective, at the level of the best digital platforms for this type of approach.



The DIP “Supporting the fight against waste” proved to be a great success, with 386 ideas rapidly sent in, confirming the quality, diversity and inventiveness of Air France employees. The “jury’s favorite” was the creation of a “cleaning day”, whereby everyone’s irrelevant mails are deleted along with the CO2 emissions generated through their storage. Implemented in 2018, the “One Click for the Planet” operation resulted in the reduction of 22 tons of CO2, equivalent to 22 Paris-New York return trips for one passenger.

This idea has been implemented in the international offices of Air France-KLM, and will be renewed in 2019.

The Digital Factory

In September 2018, Air France inaugurated its Digital Factory dedicated to innovation. Installed in front of Air France headquarters, this space has a dual mission: the digital acculturation of all employees and the incubation of innovative projects – an initiative that is part of Air France’s digital strategy.

The ambition is to make Air France simpler, more digital and more innovative. Digital is a great opportunity to go further and boost the quality of our service relationship.

  • The ground floor is open to all: creativity room, “Protolab” prototype room where innovations can be tested (voice assistance, robots …), showroom and forum space dedicated to conferences and events.
  • The first floor is reserved for incubation projects and hosts projects that are being developed. The permanent team brings together some fifteen people from IT, digital, marketing or trade professions.
  • A dozen projects have already been launched. The time dedicated to each of them is 3 to 4 months. The goal is to go fast and deploy solutions quickly. The first project to come into existence is a B2B customer portal for aeronautical maintenance.

2 examples of projects being developed:

  • The Turn Around 360° project aims to improve the punctuality of flights thanks to the real-time information sharing between all the staff involved in the aircraft turnaround.
  • The LEA Loop project will provide information on the occurrence of a hazard to all concerned actors, both on the ground and in flight, in real time via an internal application. Its objective is better support for travelers and improvement of the customer experience.

In total, the team will support about fifteen projects for 2019, dealing with artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality.

Boost the Future!

After the launch of AF Angels, the Air France’s internal crowdfunding platform, the intrapreneurial system continues its development with the new “Boost the Future!” program.

This program has the same basic principles as AF Angels (intrapreneurial project ideas put forward by employees, collective decisions on their selection) but focuses on ideas creating new businesses for Air France.

The employees already registered on the Boost the Future! platform can share their know-how and experience, join or build a team, submit an idea and build a business plan with the help of a coach. The selected projects then go into the incubation phase, within Air France.

In 2018, with Boost the Future:

  • 2,200 intrapreneurs signed up to the platform to submit or follow a project,
  • 120 projects were submitted,
  • 4 projects selected for the incubation phase at the Digital Factory, each project being supported by a member of the Executive Committee.

KLM Innovation Awards

A Pioneer Fair was held in February 2018 during the Employee Event, where the winners were given the opportunity to present their innovative projects. To be in line with the KLM Compass and Moving Your World, the layout was changed to 6 categories with 78 initiatives, nominated by KLM Staff members. The purpose of the event was to give employees a memorable experience, to connect employees and to encourage engagement.

Some winning examples from 2017 are:

  • Baggage scanning RIFD in the “Best Operational Innovation” category
  • Track & Trace Your Pet in the “Best Experiment” category.
  • Appy 2 Help in the “Best Innovation for Employees” category.

Team Development Program of KLM

In 2017, the Team Development Program was set up, at all company levels, to help new teams improve performance by breaking existing patterns, and to create a context for continuous learning. Common team goals and objectives were identified and defined. Those goals are aligned with the goals and ambitions of the KLM Compass and KLM. At the end of 2018, over 580 teams and more than 8,000 KLM employees had participated in this program.