Health and safety at work

Health and safety of staff in the workplace and maintaining a good quality of life are imperative and an absolute priority for the Group. The social and financial aspects involved have a direct impact on the Group’s business and strategic plan.

Safeguarding employee health and safety in the workplace is a major priority for Air France-KLM and an area in which there can be no compromise. We take a strong-willed and proactive approach to prevent risks and protect the health and safety of our employees.


As an employer, we have to ensure the prevention of professional risks and the development of quality of life at work of our employees.

Therefore, reducing risks, occupational illnesses, and workplace accidents are our high priority areas.

In order to reach our goal and reduce the number of workplace incidents to an absolute minimum, we focus on a global approach to all health-related matters, which enables us to pursue a more concrete and efficient policy. We will increasingly invest in preventative measures to improve working conditions and promote healthy lifestyles for our employees.

Being vigilant and taking action are now more of a priority than ever. The involvement of managers on the ground and the alertness of all staff, supported by a network of health and safety managers, enable the detection and prevention of difficult situations.

To place accident avoidance and a culture of risk prevention at the heart of our business, we have reaffirmed our long-term commitment to the following four priority themes:

  • Preventing serious accidents: the physical and mental well-being of employees and partners must be a primary concern
  • Respecting and making other people respect the rules when running operations and managing infrastructures and materials
  • Developing ergonomic approaches: reducing the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Improving the quality of life: preventing psychosocial risks in the workplace with the awareness that the well-being of everyone contributes to the company’s levels of performance and to customer satisfaction
  • Consolidating our management system: continuous improvement-based approach to Health and Safety in the Workplace.


Air France

The occupational health and safety management system is carried out through a voluntary policy. It is OHSAS 18001 certified.

  • As part of the Integrated Management System at Air France, specific annual health and safety performance target contracts were signed by the senior executives of each entity. The health and safety at work objectives are applied at all levels of the company. A dashboard details the annual results of each entity.
  • The inclusion of the occupational safety dimension in project management, the development of ergonomic approaches during the design/organization of infrastructures and processes, and during the deployment of new tools, all enable the potential risks to be anticipated and encourage collective participation.
  • The reporting process on occupational health and safety has been consolidated, enabling feedback on significant safety-related incidents and their handling to be shared. Regular in-depth analyses, realized internally or with external partners, pinpoint the trends and risks and thus supplement the accident-prevention system. Voluntary feedback is encouraged since this is a key factor in prevention.

2018 saw a reduction both in the severity rate and in the frequency rate of vocational accidents. This result is partly achieved thanks to deployment of numerous prevention and communication initiatives across all divisions.

Working safely is a sum of knowledge, techniques and behaviors. The “Health and Safety at Work” awareness campaigns focus on the third component, which is strengthening the safety culture. In order to improve employees’ attitudes and behaviors towards risks, Air France is increasingly developing video support, and in particular awareness campaigns that feature direct testimonies of injured employees. These testimonies allow us to confront our attitudes, our values and our behavior in the risks prevention.



Safety and compliance are managed via a system of processes and procedures known as the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS).

  • The ISMS ensures a continuous improvement in operational, occupational and environmental safety, and operational security.
  • The ISMS identifies hazards, threats and safety issues, collects and analyses data, assesses safety risks, implements mitigation measures and monitors the results.
  • The ISMS supports the pro-active and even predictive mitigation of risks in order to keep accident and incident rates below an acceptable level.

In 2018, eight serious occupational accidents were recorded. These were accidents like slipping, tripping and collisions with operational vehicles. Some of these accidents resulted in employee absenteeism. All eight incidents were investigated by the KLM Integrated Safety Services Organization- ISSO, a central independent organization reporting directly to the COO.


In the field of air transport industry, constant adaptation and innovation are requirements that concern all parties involved. To respond to this imperative of organizational agility, the Group is committed to improving its working conditions.

The Group pays particular attention to quality of life in the workplace. Various initiatives help employees with their life-work balance, which has shown to improve performance.

Air France

We have undertaken to develop the Quality of Life in the Workplace, supported by a network of Quality of Life in the Workplace advisors, who have benefited from qualification-based training.

  • New company agreements were signed in 2018 on quality of life in the workplace.
  • Multiple initiatives are in place, aimed at creating conditions for employees that can ensure better balance between their personal and professional lives, that allow assistance for staff who are carers for family members, and that facilitate remote working.
  • Both operational staff and executives are trained in preventing the risks associated with each profession; this training is also a good way to encourage the circulation of best practices.
  • Regular forums and seminars on vocational health and safety enable issues to be discussed and the in-field realities to be shared with a view to prevention, mobilization and the promotion of a safety-first culture.

The Workplace Harassment Prevention Charter includes a counseling unit and dispute resolution processes for people who feel themselves to be victims of workplace harassment (whether psychological or physical), and individuals experiencing “acute mental suffering” that could harm their physical/mental health and cause maladjustment at work, as well as for people accused of harassment, in keeping with the presumption of innocence.


In 2018, a structured process for updating and developing policies was introduced to revise and implement KLM’s Occupational Safety and Health policy. In accordance with KLM’s goals for 2018, new Occupational Safety policies were drawn (for example, regarding control of physical load, appointment of Prevention officers in all business units). These policies are now in the process of being approved by the Safety Review Board and will be agreed upon by the KLM Works Council.

  • A very inspiring example of improving Quality of Life in the workplace is “The Golden Bay”, a workplace at KLM Cargo where employees are able to work comfortably at their own pace.
  • For Flight Deck and Cabin Crew members an e-learning module on “Fatigue” was published and is still in progress.
  • Sustainable employability of KLM employees is being promoted.
  • Involvement in the design and furnishing of the new ICA Lounge taking into account workspace, passenger safety, light, sound, ambiance.
  • Involvement in the design and furnishing of the new Training Center taking into account workspace, passenger safety, light, sound, ambiance.

Following the successful introduction campaign for the revised Safety & Security Policy Statement and the Safety Review Board-endorsed approach on the results of the 2017 Safety Culture Questionnaire, 2018 kicked off with four major KLM-wide Safety & Security Themes:

  • Challenge each other
  • Be Fit: A program to promote a healthy way of life and working environment
  • Reporting: “See it Say it” Campaign. A first trial of a Safety reporting App which is easily accessible on all devices to support KLM staff
  • Just Culture: Development of a “Just Culture Toolbox” for training and inspiration purposes


Our health services look after the employees’ health and advise them on current and emerging occupational risks. The measures implemented provide an integral framework for the organisation of work, and should optimally contribute to their health and employability, which further has an impact on the Group’s productivity and operations.

Air France

30 vocational physicians and 60 nurses ensure the clinical and psychological screening of the company’s employees, give advice on healthy lifestyles and the prevention of vocational risks, and provide emergency medical care. Their instructions were dispensed both individually and during group information sessions and awareness-raising initiatives within the framework of forums, informative campaigns and during visits to workshops, offices and flight crews.

Air France is committed to combating AIDS and participates, with the Red Ribbon action, in World AIDS Day which takes place every year on December 1st, when the employees are encouraged to wear the red ribbon label pin on their uniforms to express their support. On this day, in 2018, employees could make a donation to the Sidaction association that fights against AIDS.


KLM continuously invests in prevention to improve working conditions and to promote a healthy lifestyle for its employees. New initiatives were launched in 2018, their goal being to provide an integral framework for the KLM organization and employees in order to optimally contribute to their health and employability.

Some new initiatives are:

  • lifestyle programs (losing weight)
  • physical resilience (Hello Fysio)
  • My Health Portal
  • the program known as “KLM 100 years and beyond veilig en gezond (safe and sound)” has been endorsed.

KLM is reviewing and updating the company policy with regards to health in close cooperation with the relevant stakeholders, including the Works Council. This is to ensure that the company’s policy is kept up to date. KLM is also working on the development of a Health Portal that employees could access digitally and thus be able to use preventive as well as curative Health interventions. This in accordance with employee behavior as outlined in the KLM Compass and sustainably high performance.