Following our signature of the United Nations’ Global Compact and based on our long-term management vision, we integrate corporate social responsibility standards in our business and strive to set those the airline industry. We do this by implementing a set of clearly-defined commitments to ensure that profitable growth goes hand in hand with long-term value creation.

We consider safety and security to be unquestionable obligations and we are committed to developing trust with all our stakeholders.

  • We act with integrity and strive to build trust with our customers and business partners
  • We proactively pursue dialogue with all our stakeholders
  • We are systematically accountable for our economic, social and environmental results and guarantee transparency in the information we provide
  • We undertake to enforce Human Rights, to oppose all forms of child or forced labour, to apply the law and to request our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with these principles
  • We are actively involved in setting international standards for a responsible air transport industry

Our policy strives to ensure that these commitments are implemented by all our employees and pursued company-wide in all our day-to-day tasks. We do this by implementing dedicated action plans for each airline, where we set objectives and audit the results.

We expect our suppliers and employees as well as all others who are committed to building a responsible air transport industry, to endorse the above commitments.