Accessibility of products and services

We seek to provide comfortable, convenient, and reliable air travel that is accessible to all of our passengers.


The number of Passengers with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility (PDRM) flying with us is growing every year. In 2018, more than 1.1 million PDRM passengers were welcomed:

  • Air France: nearly 540,000 PDRM passengers on board;  more than half of these PDRM passengers flew on long-haul flights and more than 80% PDRM passenger traffic took place at Paris-CDG
  • KLM: 596,000 PDRM passengers, a year-on-year increasing number, with the biggest growth shown in the number of  wheelchair passengers

PDRMs are welcomed, providing that air travel is not against medical advice.

Their presence on board calls for appropriate assistance which can involve a degree of complexity, often owing to the differences between the EU and US regulations. In the US, the responsibility falls solely on the airline and there are no reporting requirements for US citizens and passengers on flights to/from the US. In the EU, however, it is the airport authority that is responsible for the end-to-end assistance of PDRMs during their journeys through airports, and passengers are invited to report to the airline 48 hours before departure, the airline then being responsible for forwarding this information to the airport authority 36 hours prior to departure.

Air France dedicated assistance service, known as Saphir (Service d’Assistance aux Personnes Handicapées pour les Informations et la Réservation), offers an array of services, such as easy booking procedures, airport assistance, baggage assistance and special equipment on board. Based in Nice and Marseilles, with a dozen of dedicated advisors, Saphir received nearly 90,000 calls in 2018: phone and online services enable ticket bookings and the provision of appropriate assistance. A special phone assistance service for the hard of hearing or deaf customers is also offered. Some nineteen other Customer Relations Centers around the world are on hand to process requests from PDRM customers.

Air France has also long been a partner to multiple associations dedicated to disability and has developed strong links with the national and European authorities in this field in order to design and develop service improvements.

At Air France, a Key Customer Club that includes PDRM passengers has been created to collate feedback from this cohort and help improve services. This includes providing a better flow of information, for both customers and frontline staff, in line with Air France’s Caring Relationship.

For customer-facing staff, awareness workshops focusing on the appropriate forms of words and actions to use with PDRM customers have been launched, together with online tools to facilitate their care. Both Air France and KLM cabin crews are trained in assisting persons with disabilities in order to make their flights as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

KLM Cares offers assistance in the planning and booking of flights. At the airport and in flight, KLM offers specially-adapted facilities to ensure a seamless travel experience.

The Net Promotor Score, which measures customer satisfaction, is higher in this passenger category than the NPS of other Air France and KLM passengers: for KLM, the score stands 10 points above the one from other passengers. 


For children traveling alone, which accounts for more than 300,000 Air France flights every year, we created our Kids Solo service. Our service is available for children aged 4 and older. The average age of our young travellers is 11.

We have developed a tailor-made service on our “Air France” app. On their tablet or smartphone, parents can book tickets for young passengers, access and modify their reservations and also monitor their child’s trip in real time, from check-in to boarding, take-off and landing.

Our staff accompanies the child and ensures his or her comfort and safety at the airport and on board. On “Air France Play”, kids can download free content adapted to their age and language. 8 magazines in French, English, German and Spanish are available 30 hours before the flight.

During stop-overs of more than two and a half hours, children are welcomed in Air France lounges reserved for children traveling alone. These lounges are specially equipped to offer activities for everyone.

Upon arrival, children are accompanied by our staff to the person designated for pick-up.